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  • Conflict Born has a cover!

    Conflict Born has a cover! This is so exciting. And not just a cover, but links for more pre-order options! The ebook of can now be pre-ordered here: You can also still pre-order a signed hardcover of the book until March 10th (TOMORROW!) As a reminder, hard cover pre-orders can be picked up […]

  • “The Corsair’s Tale”, a Wellerman Alt-Lyrics

    So, I did a thing! I’m really proud of this alt-lyrics video I made that hints at some of the setup/action in Conflict Born. Granted, the Wellerman is a time-tried-and-true earworm, so that helps. The pre-order war with Sarah Sover continues, and you can still make a difference! Pre-order your signed hard cover today at: […]

  • A Most Serious Contest

    My fellow Falstaff books author, Sarah J. Sover, has a book debuting the same weekend as mine, at JordanCon 2022, April 22-24. Some smack talk might have happened, and now we are in a contest: who can get the most signed hardcover pre-sales before the convention. The loser has to buy the winner a bottle […]