A Most Serious Contest

My fellow Falstaff books author, Sarah J. Sover, has a book debuting the same weekend as mine, at JordanCon 2022, April 22-24. Some smack talk might have happened, and now we are in a contest: who can get the most signed hardcover pre-sales before the convention. The loser has to buy the winner a bottle of nice liquor, and our editor will give the winner a free hoodie.

We are only four days into this little contest amongst friends, and things are already getting heated. She might have implied I was, in fact, a demon. I might have revealed that she ignores cute kitties. Who knows where this will get to by late March when pre-orders close.

SO! What can you do? Follow us on social media for one, since that is where the smack is happening. We are on:

Facebook TheRichardFife and SJSover
Twitter @RichardFife and @SarahJSover
Instagram @FifeisWriting and @SarahJSover

Also, we are talking a big game over on the JordanCon Facebook Group.

And, of course, you can buy our books. I mean, buy my book for sure, but I guess you can buy hers too.

Buy Conflict Born! https://t.co/WL8i9FuIxy
Or, buy Sarah’s Book, I guess…. if you hate cats…. https://t.co/Qg747mkeWF