At A Glance

  • Editor of the JordanCon Anthology.
  • SFWA, Full Member
  • Advocate for Social Justice, Mental Wellness, and Cats

Richard Fife lives in a house by the sea. Well, not by the sea, but near it. Like, a short drive. He hasn’t visited said sea in years, and should probably live in the mountains instead. He enjoys malty Scotch, open world RPGs, and devouring the patriarchy. He always wanted an airship of his own, but knows he can’t afford it. He was offered one on timeshare once, that just sounds like a pyramid scheme. He’d totally go halfsies with someone, though.

He has been writing for a long time, lived in a number of places east of the Rocky Mountains, and enjoys going to fandom conventions. He has been involved with JordanCon since its first year in April 2009, going from volunteer to toastmaster to Writers Track director and Anthology Editor. He stepped back from directing the Writers track after 2021 and is focusing solely on the Anthology.

Richard was also the Vice-Chair and Director of Programming for Multiverse Convention since the initial planning phase in summer of 2018 through 2022. He helped was also the technical lead for Multi-Virtual for 2020.

His big “geeks” are:

  • Epic Fantasies (Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, N.K. Jemisin, S.A. Chakraborty)
  • Space Operas (Frank Herbert, Ann Leckie, James S.A. Corey, John Scalzi)
  • Open World RPGs (Witcher 3, Ghost of Tsushima, Breath of the Wild, Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon)
  • *punk stories (Boneshaker, Blade Runner, Snow Crash, Hellboy, Carnival Row)
  • Eldritch and Strange (Guillermo Del Toro, Stranger Things, Lovecraft Country, Watchmen)

He honestly has loves in most geeky corners. Horror is probably his least “explored” genre. He fainted while reading Dracula. The original. No illustration or anything. He’s a bit of a lightweight that way.

You can email him at