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RichardFife.com is a place for up and coming (in his own mind) author Richard Fife to both blog and post free speculative short fiction for general public consumption and critique. It is also the home of the Tijervyn Chronicles, a steampunk serial written by Richard and with art by April Herron.  It updates on Fridays with a new chapter, art, and can be enjoyed in web, podcast, ePub, and Kindle formats.

Richard also occasionally writes “other” short stories, and does a fair amount of random blogging as well, which are also on the site. Everything is available in the general rss feed, or there are two Tijervyn specific feeds, one for just the web-based stories and one that is an iTunes friendly podcast feed.

About the author: (As written by the artist.)

Alias: Dad/”Are you talking to that douchebag who didn’t record The  Protomen for me at Dragoncon?! I told you that you’re not allowed to speak to him anymore!”
Function: Writer, Tax Dollar Devourer
Likes: Pie
Dislikes: Ex-Wife

Raised by wild Australian hobos*, The Fife swam the entire Pacific in just three days to escape persecution by rabid cake elitists. He was taken in by a mining family, who sent him off to some big university out in the midwest to learn how to explode things and move electrons with the power of his mind. His incarceration there gave him a love for word processors and various fermented liquids. When not enjoying himself at the local pub or crawling Tor.com, The Fife can be spotted in the barrens of Wilmington, trying to fend off seagulls with an engine wrench as he makes his weekly pie run to Food Lion.

*The Fife is not Australian himself; in fact, we’re not sure where the hell he came from, but we do wish they would take him back.

Contacting the author:

About the first artist: (As written by the author.)

Alias: Yes Ma’am/”Are You Drawing Again?”
Function: Artist/Newspaper Demoness
Likes: The Kid
Dislikes: Magazines that are late getting their feeds out

The Herron, not to be confused with the bird, was raised in the underdark caverns below Appalachia. After suffering a grim tutelage of grits and paint, she slinked away in the middle of the day to the urban nightmare that is Richmond, where she made due by preparing newsprint-pie to stave off rabid hounds and being worked like a slave by her muse. Until recently, she hid in fear that the crowbarred one, destroyer of the pie-obsessed and stealer of the plastic-crack, would figure out how to leave the underdark and track her to her new abode, but then she decided to just get it over with and moved back.

Contacting the artist:

About the other artist: (As written by the author.)

Alias: Crowbarred One/The Kid/“Please don’t hurt me!”
Function: Artist/Cog in the Higher Educational System
Likes: The Protomen
Dislikes: Open Doors (don’t ask)

The Kass is a strange and fickle beast. Conflicting reports place the Kass originally as a Tamagachi virtual pet of April that gained sentience when she fed it pie, while other stories have a darker bent, alluding to the dark places under the Smokey Mountains and the decadent pits of darkness known as Appalachia. From these beginnings came the horror known as The Crowbarred One, destroyer of the pie-obsessed and loyal vassal to the Protomen. Recent events have healed the rift between the Kass and The Fife, and now she cheerfully calls him “Boss” and generates the Legends of Tijervyn comic from his scripts written out on the bottoms of empty pie-tins. But, a day is coming when she will stand upon the battered and bloodied body of the Fife, waving pie just out reach and laughing. Er… um, ignore that last part.

Contacting the other artist:
Direct emails to the author or first artist.

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