Coming Soon! Conflict Born, a Novel!

Heya all! So, I’ve been chirpy on the social media-webs, but I guess I should be chirpy here, too! I got a novel coming out!

Conflict Born is a gaslamp fantasy coming out from Falstaff Books April 24, 2022. Ellie Nivkah thought it was going to be just another contract: hunt the pirates, collect the bounty. Instead, she now has an injured crew, a damaged skyraker, no captured pirates, and a host of mysteries.

Chief among those: what was that strange ship that appeared out of nowhere and destroyed the pirates she was hunting and almost destroyed her? This was no random act of piracy, and she soon finds herself being drawn into plots and conspiracies that threaten the very skies she loves.

The (signed!) hardcover is available for pre-order here. It will be available for pickup at JordanCon on April 22 (early!), or will be mailed afterward within the United States for free via Media Mail.