A Great Weekend at XCon

This past weekend, I attended XCon down in Myrtle Beach. I’ll admit, going in I was a little worried. This was my third time at a table selling, and my first time at a place where I was 100% unknown. The con’s sign-up process for Vendors was… archaic, requiring that I fill out a paper application then scan-email, along with advance proof of payment before I was even approved. I heard a lot of vendors saying they had to follow up weeks later and ask if they were in, but I was fortunate that I got a positive response the next day.

And then… radio silence. No email packet with instructions on where to go, no booth assignment, nada. As I drove down on Saturday, I was somewhat worried I was going to somehow go to the wrong “Myrtle Beach Convention Center”.

I followed another set of vendors in when I arrived, and my experience soon changed. A volunteer offered to help me, and even carried some of my things as we went to the check-in table. They then guided me to my table. My neighbors were all great, and the convention was busy without being shoulder-to-shoulder packed (a good thing, these days).

And, feather in my cap, I had really good sales. Pretty much without fail when I finished telling them my pitch, there were wide eyes and expressions of interest. I must have spoken to a couple hundred people and handed out nearly as many cards.

So, yeah. I’m all-in-all feeling pretty good. When my book published, I hadn’t felt ready to sell at conventions, that having one book wasn’t justification enough to show up at a con just to sell. This past weekend has given me a different perspective, and I’m going to more actively seek out the comic-con style spaces. So… EXCITING! Keep an eye on my appearances page to see where I might pop up next.

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