New Chapters, Fresh Starts

A new day has dawned over here at Richard Fife Productions International Incorporated and Associates. And that means CHANGE! And why change? Well, things are starting to actually shift in happy directions in my writing.

Also, I was recently included in The Great Beyond Anthology, so despite 2020 being a dumpster fire of a year, actually a silver lining for my writing, at least.

And this website… yeah, probably going to be a’changing. But I do now have a newsletter you can sign up for. In theory. I mean, the sign up works. but I haven’t even made a template for said newsletter as of writing this. As it says, I’ll only email at most once a month, and probably not even that much until I have something meaningful to put in it.

But, so… yeah. I know this is new, and I might be crazy, but there’s a newsletter. Sign up, maybe?