Multiverse, a new kind of genre-lit convention

Posted on 09 June 2019

Shortly after I resigned from my position at DragonCon (read: rage quit over bad politics), I was approached by Jesse Adams. See, Jesse had read my resignation and decided I might be a good fit for something he was putting on. A new convention that would premier in 2019 called Multiverse.

What is Multiverse? Why do we need another SFFH Lit Con? Well, there’s a problem in southern fandom that the past year has brought into the spotlight, and that it is very stuck in its ways from 30+ years ago. It is not very diverse, and kind a lot of conventions are just the same old thing over and over again. I will say JordanCon is not, but it is also a newer Con ran but younger folks, and it shows. But even JordanCon has room to grow, and it is also very niche, despite its desire to grow, to being “that Wheel of Time convention”.

Jesse’s vision was for a convention that from the ground up was about inclusion. A convention that didn’t need to have “Diversity In…” panels because it would just be inherently diverse. A place where fans of all varieties could come together and feel welcome. A place that would not tolerate intolerance, and would be very, very serious about not giving hate and bigotry a place to take root.

June 13 will mark a year since Jesse reached out to me, and Multiverse was just a few folks with an idea. We now have an impressive directorial staff, over 60 rock-star guests, 9 tracks of programming (or 11, depending on how you count it), and what is quickly looking like it is going to be an amazing first year.

So, a year later, if you asked me, do I regret quitting DragonCon?

My answer is heartily no. No, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. I found something better.

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