DragonCon 2017

Posted on 06 September 2017

Just got back from D*Con 2017. It was an amazing experience where I met new authors, visited with old friends, and had a refreshing revitalization of my sense of self that had gone too long without nourishment. I had typed up some sappy self-affirmation stuff, but y’all don’t need that. It was for me. Instead, have this wonderful bullet point list of the great times I had at con:

  • Got to be Director’s Second for Fantasy Literature this year, meaning I moderated more panels and got to take a hand in shaping the programming. I think it was a great success.
  • 5 hours of karaoke Friday night. That’s right, I ran it for 5 bloody hours. Lots of good singers. Lots of not so good singers. But everyone had fun, and that is the point.
  • Panels on the Science of Fantasy, Inaccuracies commonly seen, and Why Boob-armor needs to be less of a thing.
  • Not one but TWO great evenings at the Westin Bar meeting and chatting with writer and creative types. One of these nights included drinking “pie” that was closer to “rotgut moonshine” with Laurel K Hamilton’s posse. They are fun. The other night involved drinking with Christopher Paolini and getting ammo to taunt my track director with for years to come.
  • I only bought one thing in the dealers hall: a d20. I paid a buck-a-side, but this is no regular d20. It is a Boulder, and I could crush the skull of an unruly player no problem with it. I shall make it my boss die an name it “Curb-Stomp”. My luck, it will just roll 1s.

At the Dead-Dog party, they told us attendance topped 80k. That’s a lot of geeks, and a lot to do. And boy do I feel like I didn’t even come close to getting to do even just the things I really wanted to do. I missed the art show completely, didn’t see any gaming, and didn’t attend any panels outside of Fantasy Lit. But even for all that, I still feel like DragonCon is a chance to “come home”. For as big as the convention is, a person can make of it exactly what they will, and it will be everything you needed it to be.

Until next September Dragon Con!

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