Dec 04, 2014 – Reluctant Warriors

Posted on 04 December 2014

“I’m sorry.”

Smoke drifted up slowly from torn ground. Dead were strewn about much like the toys of a child, forgotten where they fell and without order. The field was silent, though. There were no dying, just the dead. One could almost close their eyes and imagine none of it was there, that this was nothing more than an overcast day in the middle of summer.

“That’s all you have to say? Sorry?” Erika’s throat tightened as she looked across the field at the other woman.

“No, but I don’t think it really matters, now does it?” Kira slowly turned around, looking at the field, but somehow never letting her guard fall. “Although, I’m not saying it to you.”

Erika took a deep breath, smelling smoke and death. “You didn’t have to do this.”

“Neither did you.”

Erika almost shouted back that of course she did! How could she not? But the words caught in her throat. Kira could have easily said the same. Surely she felt the same, but it didn’t change the fact.

“No, but we did, didn’t we?”

“We could stop, I suppose.” Kira laughed to herself. “Just stop and go back, as if nothing happened.”

“I never wanted to do this.”

“Me neither.”

“Bad decisions all around, it seems.”

Kira nodded and turned back. “And today really won’t make a difference, will it. Not in the grand scheme.”

“Probably not.”

They stared at each other. They had been friends. Were still friends? Did something as little as war really just end a lifetime of connection? Summers spent running to wherever whim took them? Nights up late, talking about philosophy, religion, or who was seeing who. Somehow, the gossip felt so much more important, now.

Erika shook her head. “Not going to stop us, either.”

Kira smiled, but there was no joy in it. “Probably not.”

Erika took a step back, drawing her sword as Kira did the same.

“I’m sorry, too.”


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