State of the Fife

Posted on 28 February 2013

This is not a post apologizing for not posting. Nope. I have no shame. Yes, this space is kind of going unused. Sue me. But here is why!

-My play was produced! Yay. And it actually was a good success. Reviews are here and here. Not bad at all for a first play, if I say so myself.

-I have been super busy with JordanCon prep, and the Writers’ Track this year is going to ROCK! (If I say so myself)

-I have also taken to directing an Improv troupe as my involvement in the Browncoat Pub and Theatre here in Wilmington has been expanding. Yeah, that eats up time.

-And finally, not on a writing notice but a general grouse about society: why do 1st graders now have 2 hours of homework a night? Who ever in their right mind thought this was a good idea? Seriously. /rant.

So, this space is probably going to continue to be somewhat neglected for now out of simple prioritization. Tijervyn and the short stories will still be there, though, as well  all the back log. So that’s something, eh? And I’m sure one day I’ll get back to here. Just dunno when. You can still follow my shenanigans on facebook and twitter, though. Just saying.

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  • Congratulations on the production of your play!

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