Five Years

Posted on 16 September 2012

No, not Five years of Fife Ramblings. But Sunday, September 16 marks the five year anniversary of the death of a man who managed to shape the very fabric of my life without ever having been directly in it. I am speaking of Robert Jordan, the man whose writing inspired me to write. Today has actually been surprisingly emotional, carried on the wings of technology as my Facebook has been overflowing with remembrances, stories, and pictures of James Oliver Rigney Jr. I was then further honored when JordanCon and Dragonmount linked to my Legacy post, which contained the transcript of my speech at JordanCon III, saying that they “spent all day wondering what to say, but realized Richard Fife had said it already.”

So, aside from that, what have I been doing?

Well, work is progressing well on the manuscript rewrite I’m doing entitled “Of Brass and Blood”. It takes place in the same world as Tijervyn, but five years later and in the city of Adervyn, with honestly none of the same characters aside from Quintin Lazris (actually just wrote his introductory scene). I’m hoping to have the manuscript done sometime before my birthday in November, and to have it polished to submit to an editor or agent by the holidays. Wish me luck.

I’m also working quite a bit with the local theatre I’ve become involved with, The Browncoat, and have been doing edits with a director to a play I wrote that is being put on there this December. It is actually a bit different from my normal stories, as it is more of an urban weird fiction. If you happen to be in Wilmington this December, keep an eye out for Cheating Destiny by Richard Fife, being put on at the Browncoat Pub and Theatre.

Finally, I’ve been working hard on lining up my guests and program participants for JordanCon 2013, where I am the director of the Writer’s Track. Part of my time at Dragon*Con this past Labor Day was even spent doing that (when I wasn’t drinking my Kraken or being all crazy at the RJWoT Track panel). Really excited for it, and if you are in Atlanta in mid April and are an aspiring writer, you should come just to attend my panel, even if you know nothing about Robert Jordan. It is going to be that awesome.

And that is basically it. As always, I’ll try to get updates more often, but right now, I typically think “Update blog, or actually write…” Yeah. Again, as always, easier to keep up with me via my Facebook and Twitter feeds, linked over in the side bar. Lates!

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