From the Ashes

Posted on 24 April 2012

Four months. Has it really been four stinking months? Wow. Just . . . Wow. So, this is pretty short, traditional, “oh crap I haven’t posted anything in a while” type post. But instead of being all emo over why I haven’t been posting, I’m here to say that I have just gotten back from JordanCon and now have a whole crap-ton of stuff to do. So, a quick list of things I really want to do:

-Start writing for the monies again, in particular, manage to sell blog posts to again.

-Do a massive revision on a novel I wrote tentatively called “Of Brass and Blood” which takes place in the same world as Tijervyn, but a few years later (although I wrote it a few years before)

-Write some more short fiction and start really actively shopping the new stuff and some old stuff I haven’t posted to markets.

-Get Revenant into dead-tree form and start working on actively selling it. Which leads to:

-Do yet another edit pass for typos on Revenant, as I found three in Chapter Five alone as I was reading the book for pleasure on my new tablet.

-Maybe (and this is pending everything else getting done) finish Meister of the Secret. Woo! (and I’m sure April will want to kill me)

So yes, busy times, and my funk of the last four months is pretty well banished. I feel great! I will hopefully start getting more regular blogs with musings on writing up here, but that is kind of a minor thing for me at this moment, so while this space might stay quietish, my twitter and facebook will probably be more active. Time to live up to that Phoenix icon I have up on this site, I think.

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