Posted on 02 December 2011

Chapter Twelve: Distractions.

And yes, I’m going to leave that as a cliffhanger, because April and I are taking some time off. Just December, but with the craziness of holidays, I figured you the readers and us the writer/artist could use the time off. But never fear, Tijervyn returns January 6th, 2012. Until then, I’ve decided I’ll post a few more chapters of Rust on the Blade, since that got a good response from the first. I’ll try and think up some interesting blogs to go with them, but we’ll see when I remember I need to write them.

So, want to get me and April a holiday gift? Well, you can always buy that special someone an ebook for $2.99. Or you can always donate. Or you can review Revenant in those same ebook stores. Or you can tell all those other geeks in your family this holiday season about this awesome online story you’ve been reading. I am, as my friends are wont to say, “just saying.”

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