A Fork In The Road

Posted on 16 December 2011

Okay. As those of you that read my facebook or twitter know, I recently got a rejection letter. It was not the first one I ever got, nor do I think it will be the last. It is almost a mark of pride amongst published authors to talk about how big a room they could wallpaper with their rejection letters, so I know in the end this just ups my cred there.


I have to face a grim truth. I don’t have any novel manuscripts in condition to be sent out to editors or agents right now. Why? Because I’ve spent the last year writing Tijervyn. Now, Tijervyn has been fun, and quite a learning process besides, but the simple truth is that I cannot write for profit and for free at the same time. And sadly, I just don’t have resources and time to completely and truly self publish Tijervyn, so as a project, I’m afraid it has to be shelved. In fact, RichardFife.com is going to go kind of dark. Not in the “going offline” sense, but the “no new content” sense. Consider this more of a web-folio of writing projects, I suppose.

And, to allay the fears of you my loyal readers, I am not going to completely end Tijervyn. But updates are going to much more sporadic. Maybe once a month? I will use writing chapters of Meister of the Secret as a rest-writing exercise. Subscribe to the RSS feed (either main site or Tijervyn only) and you will see whenever I get around to putting up a new chapter.

Thanks for being readers.

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  • Cori Hull says:

    Man, sorry to hear that you are finding that necessary. I have really been enjoying your story. But it is totally understandable. My fingers are crossed that you are able to achieve your dreams in this, you certainly deserve it. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. Good luck!

  • BobDog as Death Incarnate says:

    I wish you well, sir, in your future endeavors! I have always enjoyed your writings and storytelling, and it saddens me that this has come to pass. Good luck to you, and I will patiently await any stories, or novels you may print. May Fortune smile upon you, sir!

  • Sir Merkin says:

    Dear beloved Mr Fife. You have brought a welcome escape from my reality faithfully… every friday. I can’t begin to explain how sad I am that we wont see these weekly updates anymore. They were an appropriate beginning to the weekend for me.

    That said I want to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into not only the chronicles, but also to the website and beyond.

    Waiting patiently for a hardback copy of the story I’ve so grown to love.

    Sir Merkin

  • James says:

    Sad to hear. I know Barnes and Noble has the first Legends available digitally. I’m planning on buying a copy.

    Good luck for the future.

  • Christopher Sandler says:

    The only thing i could think of for being able to keep writing this and profit would have been trying to get some advertising on this site depending on how many viewers you had and stuff that way you could make a profit and keep writing this but anyway hope your road turns out well regardless.

  • Sir Merkin says:

    Ok buddy… it’s goin on three months now. Can we please have another chapter? Pretty please?


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