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Posted on 07 October 2011

Meister of the Secret Chapter Four: Tools

So, it is now official-like. You can purchase for the low low price of $2.99 the compiled Revenant eBook. You can access the store via the link up top or the ugly link over in the side bar. I put that there hoping it would make April’s brain explode in the ugly and then she’d graphic art me up a good one. You can also use this link.

As of this posting, it is only available on Amazon Kindle, but hopefully sometime next week it will be up on the Nook “PubIt” store as well. A few highlights of the compiled eBook:

  • It contains a new Bonus Chapter: “Lessons of Gorlido” that takes place years before the current action and is no plot-essential, but gives you some back story on one of the characters.
  • The new chapter has two whole new panels of art.
  • The book is edited! Not professionally, but I went through all the chapters again and re-read them and corrected a handful of continuity mistakes and I caught quite a few typos I made, including the most embarrassing Winch/Wench goof. There are no major changes, though, so don’t expect me to reference something in Meister of the Secret that you haven’t been able to read in the online version of Revenant.
  • Both Kindle and Nook versions are DRM free. I mean, I already offered all this stuff up for free, right? As I see it, this is like you donating to me.

I have some other “give me money” ideas working right now, including a way to sell high-res prints of the art and a dead-tree version of the book. I’ll keep you posted.

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