The Business of Writing

Posted on 19 August 2011

Page 7 of Legends of Tijervyn.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I am starting to look into opening a storefront here on that will have the compiled eBook of Revenant and the ability to buy high quality prints of the artwork. My announcement was made of light and hope and dreams. And no, I’m not saying that it isn’t going to happen, I’m just saying this is becoming a headache to figure out. I mean, what I am doing is basically a step above a glorified lemonade stands, small business wise, but I’m having to worry about all the sales tax (which in North Carolina is a bit of a hassle), business licenses, learning ZenCart, figuring out the best and easiest way to take payment (which will most likely be paypal). Oi. It is all exhausting, especially when I’m dealing with an understaffing at my dayjob and several big issues/projects that decided to crop up during said time, finishing the edit and re-ebook-ification of the novel, the starting of the new novel, Dragon*Con… Yeah, I got my work cut out for me.

And as thus, this is all the news post this week. I actually have some good stuff I want to talk about, just too pulled-in-all-directions right now to settle down and do it. Now, back to reading on how to sell my e-Lemonade to the world.

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