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Posted on 08 April 2011

Chapter Fourteen: A Soldier’s Deal

So, next week I’m going to put up a review of Peter Orullian’s “The Unremembered”. That is why this week gets to be what was going to be next week’s news-ish post thinger. See, this time next week, I’m going to be waking up in Atlanta and preparing for JordanCon Three: ConSaken. If you are in the area and are a Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, David B, Coe, Jana Oliver, or Eugie Foster fan, come check it out! Yes, the majority of the convention is Wheel of Time stuff, but all of the above authors (obviously sans Robert Jordan) will be there. Oh, and I’m the Toastmaster.

I won’t ruin too much (read any), but I have the great honor of Toastmastering the third ever JordanCon, and I think I’ve hobbled together a mighty good Opening Ceremony. In addition to an hour of humiliating myself in front of the entire convention, I am also slated to run a Pen-and-paper Wheel of Time Role Play session, and I’ll be the moderator for the major “Team Jordan talks about A Memory of Light” panel Saturday, and I’ll be the emcee for the Costume Contest. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I get roped into a few other things as well, but that’s what I’m all about.

Back to more on the convention: aside from my wonderful self and the above mentioned authors, also in attendance will be Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan’s widow and editor, Alan Romanczuk and Maria Simons, Jordan’s assistants, and numerous other people involved at all levels of the Wheel of Time production. Oh, and several hundred Wheel of Time fans! It is too late to preregister now, but you can still do on-site registration. You just don’t get as cool of a badge. But you still get to see me! Right? Anyone?

So yeah, shameless plug aside, this has been a huge undertaking for me. I was approached to be the Toastmaster only a couple of months after the last JordanCon, so I’ve known this was coming, but the way things work out, it has only been this last month and a half that I’ve been working on the opening ceremony. Add onto that a few pieces I wrote under deadline for, the weekly commitment of Tijervyn, my day job, and a couple of curve balls in my personal life, this has been a very tense month for me. My back feels like a slab of granite, despite having seen a massage therapist a few times. I won’t even get into what a wreck my sleep habits have turned into.

So, I have to say that while I am glad I have survived all this, I hope to never foolishly commit to this many things again. I kept telling myself “oh, it is only a couple of hours of writing here, a couple there. And I have months, I’ll be fine.” Yeah, not so much. I guess I over-estimated how quickly I could write, and how often I’d be able.

It was a valuable lesson, though. I have grown and learned some, I think, especially in the form of learning to be the craftsman as a writer, not just the artist. I don’t think the Tijervyn’s have really suffered, per se, although I admit I have been a bit lax on going back and editing out small noises, etc, on the audios. But even when inspiration would not come, I was able to just get the ball moving using my outlines and bring out something I was happy with. That is a very useful skill as a writer. Now if I could only figure out the Businessman side of writing…

Anyway, next week, The Unremembered and another chapter. Tijervyn will take no break just because I’m off having a good time. See ya then, hopefully at the convention, but if not, still here.

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