The calm before the storm

Posted on 04 January 2011

I’ve always found that phrase interesting. “The Calm Before The Storm” is so thematically relevant to so much, and is something that occurs in nature aside. Almost as if there is some circadian rhythm that says just before something big there has to be a low point even lower than normal. So, what is my storm? Tijervyn goes live on the seventh. I have posted a teaser (the prologue and art) on my facebook, accessible via the sidebar. So, if if anyone happens to read this and not follow my facebook feed, you might want to go check it out. The art, as you can tell from the Tijervyn Chronicles page, is awesome. I also posted the finalized cover for the volume one ePub. So that is cool too. So yeah, I’m now in a calm.

I am five weeks of writing ahead right now, I have the podcasts recorded for Friday and the one after, and they only take a night per chapter at most to record. The ePub creation is crazy easy for me now, etc, and so forth. So, I’m taking a small break, rejuvenating the batteries, and staying home with my son, who has strep throat and won’t be non-contagious until tomorrow. I’ve pecked at some edits a bit, talked manuscripts, but for the most part, I feel like I can only wait. The last two pieces of art for Friday should be in my inbox tonight, and I’ll probably wait on writing or podcast recording more until this weekend. I’ll be honest, the wait is almost killing me, and it is exacerbated by not being at my day job today.

So, here I’ll just have to wait, though, like some old fogy on the porch, with the storm front on the horizon and my knee acting up. And I cannot wait for it to really start, though. This, I have a feeling, is going to be fun.

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