Short Fiction: Seconde

Posted on 01 October 2009


This is a story that’s been kicking around my head for a while, and while I’ll honestly say I don’t think its the best I’ve ever done, I’m still happy with it.  The meat of what I was getting is still definitely there, and honestly I think it probably has some of the deeper developed characters I’ve done for short stories.  It was also a bit of a character study of that naturally talented person that is overlooked in favor of the underdog who shines.  Oh, it’s also a bit of a longer story.  Just had a lot more that I wanted to do with the plot, but still only 7300 words, so not bad.

Oh, not to mention it’s also a change of tempo for in that its a fantasy story, not a science fiction.  So yeah, I guess there’s that too.  The next one will probably be an urban fantasy, but no promises yet (just like I’m not going to promise that it will be delivered on the 16th, but I’ll durn well try.

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