Posted on 18 November 2011

Chapter Ten: A Question of Faith

First, allow me to briefly mention again that Revenant is for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for ereaders. For $2.99, you get the edited novel plus a bonus chapter/short story “Lessons of Gorlido” that gives back story on Bryon as well as the world in general. It is also a stellar way to show you appreciate the novel. And if you don’t have an e-reader, you can still write a review, I think. I don’t think Amazon or BN force you to buy it through them to review it. Now, onto my “episodic” blog, for reals! Really!

I have spoken before about the strange nature of a serialized novel verses a real novel. There is more of a need for each chapter to be a short story unto itself while also still moving the plot forward, and because of this, chapters are much more like episodes of a television series. And I will make no qualm about admitting that Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and now Battlestar Galactica have all been kind of guide-books for me in this. And I am now remiss because I feel that recent chapters have been getting away from that feeling and been more just chapters in a book. Sorry.

But I am going to try and steer a bit more back towards the episodic again. Normally, that word is evil, but I think it is good in this case. I have usually managed to keep themes to each chapter, but it has been iffy. Today’s chapter, not so much, as it deals with the several different types of faith, both kind of good and kind of bad, that a person can have. From faith in a religion, to faith in yourself, to faith in others. Yes, that middle one is in there, if you look for it. Next weeks chapter, which I’ll go ahead and spoil a bit, is titled “The Secret”, and yes, it has a lot to do with not just that Secret, but with secrets in general. I really like it. Yes, I have it written already, for once.

Anyway, so yes, I am actually going a bit backwards to how I did with Revenant. The episodic feeling was stronger in the first half of that book and weaker in the second, as I said “wait, I have all these plot threads I need to tie up!” For Meister of the Secret, I spent so much time re-establishing what happened in the intervening months and moving people around to where I wanted them that I am only now getting to the episodes. Now, I already have the rest of the action, such as it were, planned out for Meister, but I think it will lend itself to themed chapters better than the end of Revenant did. Here’s to hoping.

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