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Posted on 11 November 2011

Chapter Nine

Now, this post will make a lot more sense if you have read chapter nine. I’ll be vague for those who haven’t read it, but you might actually want to read it before this. Go ahead, I can wait if you haven’t. Now then. Did I just do that? Yes. Yes I did.

I’d like to blame Battlestar Galactica for the last couple paragraphs of this chapter, but that’d be unfair. I had been toying around with the idea of what happened for a while, and it really comes down to one thing. Characters don’t always make the decisions we want them to. Sometimes they make bad decisions. Sometimes they realize the decisions were bad, and sometimes they actually don’t turn out to be bad decisions at all, just ones that we wished they would not have made. The decision at the end of Chapter Nine could still yet be any of these, although I will admit, it wasn’t the decision I wanted made.

But, you say, you are the author! You can make the characters do whatever you want them to. Yes, technically you are right. But moving my characters around like marionettes on strings does not a good story make. They are people. They have problems and issues, and sometimes it’s a cointoss which way they will fall. This particular instance was a coin toss for a while, but between me wanting to have a chance to explore and discuss the ramifications of certain decisions, it also came down to one thing. Part of me wanted this to happen because part of me is in every character. So perhaps when I say I didn’t want this to happen, perhaps it is just one of the other characters responding. But, that is good. If everyone got along and made decisions the others agreed with, then it wouldn’t be much of a story. Next paragraph is spoilery, so be warned.

And as to Kira sleeping with Gavrial, I’ll admit, part of me says “But, no, wait, she was Markus’s romantic interest? Isn’t she?” Yeah, well, this is where I blame BSG. I can’t count the number of people I’ve said “But wait, no, those two were supposed to be together! What!?” Lost is probably partially responsible, too, although they didn’t mix up romance so much as just kill all the women off to get a reaction. I won’t be doing that, as I think it is a cheap trick. Regardless, the other reason I went the path I did was because if Kira just kept pining for Markus, it would turn Markus into a Mary Sue. “Oh, woe is me, Markus, sweet Markus, he has forsaken me and I shall just swoon because he is so amazing.” No, Markus is a whiney emo bitch at times, and bit of an asshole others. That turns people off. Gavrial has actually shown a willingness to change and be there, and while I’m not going to say that Gavrial and Kira will be rosebuds and tulips for ever (or even in the next chapter we see them), I will say that another part of me says “Go Gavrial, take that pity sex!”

That is the crassest I’ve been on this website. At least I wasn’t channeling any G.R.R. Martin and being super explicit, eh? Right. See ya next week.

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