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Posted on 28 October 2011

Chapter Seven: The Makings of a Monster

Okay, I want to be very blunt: today’s chapter has nothing to do with the Occupy movement that is currently going on, and is not meant to in any way comment on it. That said, I cannot help but acknowledge that there is some level of commentary inherent in the text, and that future chapters dealing with the rebels and the protests will likely also have something along the lines of commentary in it. Don’t you just love dichotomy?

My first assertion comes from the fact that I’ve been planning the mood and feeling of the rebellion and protests since the beginning. I mean, seriously, before I even wrote chapter one, I knew there would be rebels, and they’d be on the fringe and kind of not taken seriously, and there would be massive malcontent protests in the factories with walkouts and all this Occupy type rhetoric. Granted, this isn’t the first time in history that we’ve had the working class getting in a snit over the rich, and I was more thinking of Marxist observations at the time I was planning. So yes, this isn’t all just a spontaneous “I’m going to write about Occupy in the 1890s!”


I also know that, as a writer, my writing is molded and a product of all I experience. So the recent malcontent in the economy, the bank and car company bailouts, etc, probably could have had some subconscious trigger. But, I really don’t want to preach, so I promise you I’m not going to go down that path. In fact, I’m probably going to continue to treat this topic the same way I do with any. My characters will find the way through it that is natural to them and the story, but I am sure their answers will all of pros and cons they all have to deal with.

Also, I hope to treat this with the same way I treat religion. It is my hope that from my writing, you cannot tell my actual opinions or beliefs on religion. Steampunk is actually an interesting medium for this, even in a secondary world, because part of the conceit of steampunk is that religion is there, in some way, and while you can have the characters going on their own quests of faith or lack thereof, the world is typically much like our world religiously speaking. No proof, and plenty of pros and cons to toss around.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Next week will probably be my review of Brandon Sanderson’s new novel, Alloy of Law. Just a heads up.

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