Meister of the Secret

Posted on 16 September 2011

And here we go again: Volume Two is launched! Remember to read it all, prologue and chapter one put up today. Speaking on that, a good number of people seemed to miss the epilogue of Volume One, if my hit count is anything to go by. If you missed it, that link is to it (and the next button will take you through the cover of Volume One, then the cover of Volume Two, then to the Prologue of Volume Two). To my new readers, you will probably want to start there.

Anyway: a couple changes: The “New to Tijervyn” button now goes to the Tijervyn Archive Page. The Main Tijervyn page will only have the current volume on the bottom for its archive.

Also: I am discontinuing the podcast. I didn’t really have the time to get it fully promoted and set up in iTunes, and there just wasn’t much interest in it. I’m sorry to the 2 or 3 of your that listened to my soothing voice, but podcasting just has to go. Hopefully this means I spend more time writing, right?

Presently, Legends of Tijervyn is on hiatus due to Kass having discovered this thing called a college homework load. Perhaps next semester, if she isn’t buried under paper, we can get a second issue.

Meister of the Secret will update weekly on Fridays, the same as Revenant did. As to the full eBook of Revenant, I am about ready to throw that up on Amazon and the like. I’ll probably do it that way at first, as getting the estore set up is still running behind from a lack of time on my part. But I have the goods (hi-res versions of the art panels), so I am motivated to do it, I just have to find the time to learn how to program Zen-cart and become a fully official business in North Carolina.

See ya next week with a more writer-ish blog!

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