Posted on 01 July 2011

Legends of Tijervyn” is now live with the cover! I hope you enjoy Kass Herron’s art. A little about this project (and not at all about the heavy hitting blog post I was promising.) Cook has become a bit of a favorite for myself and April, and she quickly grew onto Kass. Why? I really don’t know. She isn’t that major of a character, and the fondness began all the way back in chapter 2 where she was only mentioned in passing. That is actually why she is in that frame with Bryon, there. It was really a frame of cook, Bryon just happened to be in it.

So, on phone calls, what have you, I started to make a grand tale about who Cook was and where her origins came from. It started as a joke, but I quickly sobered some of it up and twisted it a bit that it could, perhaps, be canonical. But, then there was the problem, where to put it? An entire chapter dedicated to Cook’s back story would seem like jumping the shark to me, so I had to find some other means to relate this story to the world.

Now another part of my brain, all the while, had been playing with the idea of what I could do to fill the dead time between volumes. I knew I would want a month or two break (maybe more) before I resumed the actually rather gruesome and social-life killing job of writing a chapter a week, and then I started to think it might be fun to have a little webcomic of some sort, still only on Fridays. But what to tell? The Tresling Garden’s heist? Some of Markus’s history that might not make it completely into the text? No… I would tell the Story of Cook. I hope you enjoy it, and as next week’s page doesn’t have much ‘splaining that it will need, my heavy hitter of a post can go there. See you then!

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