Posted on 13 May 2011

Chapter Nineteen: Rescue

This week has been a crucible for me. My day job has been placing extreme demands on my time, as have my children. I honestly barely had any time to write. I’ve not slept much, and I was pounding those energy shots like water to try and stay up and awake enough to write well. (My usual writing cut-off is 11pm, when I notice all my writing ability goes to bed, regardless of my physical state). But, I’ll be damned if I miss an update on Tijervyn, not this close to the end. So, I am quite pleased with myself that I managed to get this update today, and that I am actually fairly pleased with it (at least in my sleep deprived state, but I think I will be happy with it after I go into a coma for a bit. Now then, a bit more administrivia.

Tijervyn Volume One is almost done. We only have three more weeks. That’s right, three weeks from now, you will be reading an epilogue. And I’ll tell you what the first book is called (yeah, the name is no just “Volume One”). So, what after that? Right into Volume 2?

Um, no.

April and I have been going near crazy with the speed of Tijervyn, and we need a break. But that doesn’t mean will be going dark. No, we are working on something to keep Friday updates going, although I haven’t hammered out the finer points of exactly what that will be. BUT, it will still be in the “Brass and Blood” universe of Tijervyn, or at least most of it will be. I might put a short story or two up, but I’ll try to keep it to one special something.

So, when will Volume 2 start? I need to talk with April about that still, but I am thinking that we need at least two months of vacation, maybe three. More as I know it, hopefully next week. But, as an aside, a sure fire way to encourage me to keep writing is both that donations button over in the sidebar and by telling your friends to come check out Tijervyn, especially since it is so close to being done with “book one”.

So, that’s it for now, see you next week. I am going to enter a very brief coma, then get back to writing, hopefully so I don’t do this again next week.

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