Tijervyn Rising

Posted on 07 January 2011

It has begun. You can start here, the cover, and read through Chapter One using the navigation at the bottom. I am honestly surprised right now. This is up and going. No hitches, no last minute bailing out, no major technical issues (at least right now). Wow. And to think of where this came from….

I’d been playing with the idea of a serialized novel for some time. The first idea I had (and that might yet happen years from now) was going to be more of an urban fantasy about a guy who discovers he has magic and gets pulled into the more-or-less Men In Black and becomes a magical police officer in the shadows. Yeah, that might have been fun, but I have been finding that my tangential affair with steampunk has become so much more.

So, I took a steampunk universe I already had created that I call “Brass and Blood” and decided to expand it a bit. The prologue letter really came first before anything else, and then I went from there. I’ll talk more on influences and the like as we get into it more, but needless to say, I am stoked about this. So far, this project, which only began in early December, has been an energetic thrill from the get go. I am well ahead in the chapters, and April is doing well in the art department, so I am sure we will keep this going nice and regular like. I even already have the podcast for episode two recorded, although I might need to do a few touch-ups here and there. Oh, the joys of computers.

So, please, enjoy the beginning of The Tijervyn Chronicles, tell your friends if you like it, and come back next week for “Chapter Two: Head Held High”.

4 comment to Tijervyn Rising

  • Solid so far—I like the concept of a man like Markus trying to reintegrate back into society. I also dig that it’s illustrated, which can be so useful for steampunk.

  • Greg says:

    I just read chapter one and was drawn right in! Very interesting info dropped and an interesting protagonist. Can’t wait to see where it leads.

  • Brad says:

    I have read libraries of SciFi and Fantasy over the last 40 plus years. Keep up the great work! I await your next chapter:-)

  • J says:

    Took me two days to read everything you’ve written and I have to be honest… I loved every bit of it. Your characters are interesting, the plot is full of intrigue, and your grasp of action and pacing is excellent. Please release more chapters soon 🙂


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