An Act of Serendipity

Posted on 28 January 2011

And ye, there was a new chapter: The Meister’s Daughter, in which my “B” plot brushes against my “A” plot. One might say it was serendipitous.

Serendipity is one of those strange words. It’s origin comes from an old tale from India called “The Princes of Serendip”. In this story, the Princes go on some adventure or another, and there always just happens to be the right combination of skills and materials between them to get out of any problem. I can only assume that it is to the point of breaking the suspension of disbelief, and thus how the word has come into being from some British fellow who was making comments on the story (alas, I can’t remember the name and am too lazy to go look it up on Wikipedia.) But, while life may have its occasional instances of Serendipity, a fictional narrative is actually going to be fraught with it.

After all, a plot that read more like real life would either be really boring, or would be much more drawn out than what we are typically interested in reading. Granted, one could do the Tolkien approach, where the actual timeline of The Fellowship of the Ring is something along the lines of twenty years for the opening few chapters. But I think, for the most part, audiences are a little more impatient than that, and would be turned off by “and twenty years later”. I honestly think they’d be turned off by more than a few days in narrative jump, although I might just be basing this on thin air.

And so, in this chapter, I felt it fitting to have both my nobles and my thieves meet Qristina, the self-same meister’s daughter that Quintin referenced in his letter to Tesma. I hope you like her. You’ll be seeing more of her.

I also hope you enjoy the massive increase in “Steampunky” pictures, including our big reveal of exactly how much of Markus is cybernetic. I’ll be honest, until April drew this, it for some odd reason did not register in my head just how much of the man was metal. I mean, I knew how much it was, but something in my mind kept saying “nah, it isn’t really all that much, even though I meant it to be.” No, I think I hit the mark on that. Dude is more machine than man. That’s got to mess with you in the morning.

Anyway, s’bout all I really have to say today. It has been “one of those weeks” in my mild-mannered day life, but we are still chugging along full steam here. See what I did there? Hur hur. Anyway, until next week!

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