I Love Fog

Posted on 15 December 2009

Contrary to what someone following my twitter or facebook would believe right now, I actually love fog.  There is something just amazingly awesome about a thick bank of fog, either seen from outside or from within.  This is amplified by my day job being next to four six-hundred plus foot towers.  The thrill of the unknown, I think is what does it most.

See, the fog hides what you already know is there, but does it hide more?  I feel a small rush whenever I’m driving and can’t see more than a hundred feet ahead of my car.  I don’t expect anything to be out there, but I almost hope there is: that some new discovery awaits.  When I see the lead lines to the towers disappear into nothing, or the trees in the distance only as ghostly specters, it’s inspiring.

At the same time, it can be frightening.  Stephen King made an entire book about menacing (and lethally obscuring) fog.  In the movie The Last Samurai, there is an entire track of the score called “Specters in the Fog” that belies the fear of unseen enemies.

So, yeah, I love fog, even when it makes me waste my entire day because the ferry isn’t running.  I could stare off into that gentle glowing white nothing for hours.  In fact, today, I had that exact opportunity.  Thus, this post.  And now you know.

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