What a Debut!

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Fife at Wilmington Geek Expo ’22

It’s been a month and change since my book came out, and wow. I hit #70 on the Amazon Kindle store for Gaslamp Fantasy. Between two events, I sold out of my initial author stock (which was not insubstantial), and I am now a full member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (which has been a long standing dream I thought was still months off at the soonest).

I have gotten some great reviews, and at my “Home” convention of JordanCon, I was made to feel so celebrated and loved that I think it even got through my thick skull that this is real.

For those that missed the announcements, Sarah J Sover did “win” the pre-order contest we were having, although in way we both won because we both blew “records” out of the water like the fairy pirates we are and made our publisher carry so many big heavy cases of books (not really, he made a minion do that). Here’s a picture from the “signing party”

Fife signs a lot of books, and is already happy he has a “simple” signature

More books are on their way for me to hand-sell, and I will be in Myrtle Beach near the end of May for XCon, and then I’ll be at ConCarolinas two weeks after that. Currently looking into other potential convention opportunities over the summer. I’m also gearing up to start working on Book 3 (since Book 2 is already in the editor’s hands).

If you have bought my book, thank you so much, and please, go leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads if. If you haven’t… what are you waiting for! You can get it here in Kindle, Paperback, or Hardcover! It is also available on Barnes & Noble if that is your jam.

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Conflict Born has a cover!

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Conflict Born has a cover! This is so exciting. And not just a cover, but links for more pre-order options!

The ebook of can now be pre-ordered here: https://readerlinks.com/l/2351921

You can also still pre-order a signed hardcover of the book until March 10th (TOMORROW!) https://t.co/WL8i9FuIxy

As a reminder, hard cover pre-orders can be picked up at JordanCon, April 22-24, or will be shipping in the US after that. The ebook will be available March 24 (as would un-signed hardcover and paperbacks, those are still getting put into the system.)

WAAAA! *kermit arms*

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“The Corsair’s Tale”, a Wellerman Alt-Lyrics

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So, I did a thing! I’m really proud of this alt-lyrics video I made that hints at some of the setup/action in Conflict Born. Granted, the Wellerman is a time-tried-and-true earworm, so that helps.

The pre-order war with Sarah Sover continues, and you can still make a difference! Pre-order your signed hard cover today at: https://t.co/WL8i9FuIxy

They can be picked up at JordanCon 2022 at the Falstaff Books table, or mailed after the convention within the US via media mail. Paperback and Ebook options will be available at the usual online retails after the book released on April 24, 2022.

In short, if I sell more, I get some nice Scotch. As of this video posting, I’m behind by 8 presales. Come on team Fife!

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A Most Serious Contest

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My fellow Falstaff books author, Sarah J. Sover, has a book debuting the same weekend as mine, at JordanCon 2022, April 22-24. Some smack talk might have happened, and now we are in a contest: who can get the most signed hardcover pre-sales before the convention. The loser has to buy the winner a bottle of nice liquor, and our editor will give the winner a free hoodie.

We are only four days into this little contest amongst friends, and things are already getting heated. She might have implied I was, in fact, a demon. I might have revealed that she ignores cute kitties. Who knows where this will get to by late March when pre-orders close.

SO! What can you do? Follow us on social media for one, since that is where the smack is happening. We are on:

Facebook TheRichardFife and SJSover
Twitter @RichardFife and @SarahJSover
Instagram @FifeisWriting and @SarahJSover

Also, we are talking a big game over on the JordanCon Facebook Group.

And, of course, you can buy our books. I mean, buy my book for sure, but I guess you can buy hers too.

Buy Conflict Born! https://t.co/WL8i9FuIxy
Or, buy Sarah’s Book, I guess…. if you hate cats…. https://t.co/Qg747mkeWF

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Coming Soon! Conflict Born, a Novel!

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Heya all! So, I’ve been chirpy on the social media-webs, but I guess I should be chirpy here, too! I got a novel coming out!

Conflict Born is a gaslamp fantasy coming out from Falstaff Books April 24, 2022. Ellie Nivkah thought it was going to be just another contract: hunt the pirates, collect the bounty. Instead, she now has an injured crew, a damaged skyraker, no captured pirates, and a host of mysteries.

Chief among those: what was that strange ship that appeared out of nowhere and destroyed the pirates she was hunting and almost destroyed her? This was no random act of piracy, and she soon finds herself being drawn into plots and conspiracies that threaten the very skies she loves.

The (signed!) hardcover is available for pre-order here. It will be available for pickup at JordanCon on April 22 (early!), or will be mailed afterward within the United States for free via Media Mail.

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