CATnet Reviews!

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I am thrilled to reveal a new fun thing I’m doing called “CATnet Reviews“. For inaurgaral day, I’ve posted the first six, all viewable on the CATnet page, and each Wednesday, I’ll post 2 new reviews.

The one here is really the origin of this entire idea. Several years ago, I had a cat suffering from renal failure. We found a treatment plan that gave him another couple of happy years, and part of that was needing to feed him wet food on an elevated plate. Since we had another cat that would gladly steal his food while he ate, we put his food in the kitchen, and the elevated “table” typically stayed in place.

Whenever he was hungry, he would just go sit by his “table” and exude “impatient customer energy”. He tended to joke that he was threatening to give us a one-star review on Cat-Yelp.

So yeah, thus were born the CATnet reviews. It’s great to finally get this project out there, and I have to admit, even if no one else laughs, I am cracking myself up writing these, so that’s all that matters to me.

Everyone on CATnet is gonna hear about this!

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Creation is a Vulnerability

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Dear Faceless Void,

Like many creatives, I’ve been feeling a hard time being creative lately. I don’t have anything to add to the calls for self-compassion or understanding, the acknowledgement that the world is a blistering hellscape and we are all going through this.

We are. That is valid.

But what I do want to add is my pondering of why the world at large is stopping us.

A fluffly black and white cat at complete ease on a burrito blanket
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Faith Hunter Assaulted Me

Posted on 14 June 2022 | No responses

This is not one of those “wants-to-be-clever” titles, or even click-bait. This is the truth. Saturday, April 23, 2022, at JordanCon, I and several other members of the convention were assaulted by Faith Hunter, who was at the time the Guest of Honor.

I am not writing this letter expecting Faith’s sales to hurt, nor that her publishers will cancel contracts. I do not write this to hurt her, because I don’t write this for her. Likewise, I do not write this in a vacuum, but as someone very aware of events in recent years around the misconduct of convention members both high and low profile, particularly with WorldCon, ConCarolinas, the Nebulas, and Balticon. I write this as a published author, convention guest, and a runner of a convention.

I am writing this in search of the that ephemeral concept of justice, what it should look like not just for myself, but for anyone in my position.

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